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  • a unique blend of vintage F1 jerseys from the 90s and modern soccer aesthetics. Inspired by the spirit of those iconic racing jerseys, this exceptional piece combines style, comfort, and a touch of nostalgia. Crafted with precision in our design studio, this jersey proudly showcases the Denver skyline on the front, our established year 2022 on the back, and our distinctive worldwide logo on the sleeves.


    The moment you slip on this jersey, you'll feel the passion and energy it exudes. The design pays homage to the iconic F1 jerseys of the 90s, with their bold colors and striking graphics. The Denver skyline prominently displayed on the front serves as a tribute to our roots, celebrating the vibrant city we call home. It symbolizes our connection to Denver and our dedication to creating exceptional products from our local design studio.


    On the back of the jersey, our established year 2022 is proudly showcased, commemorating the beginning of our journey and marking a significant milestone in our brand's history. It serves as a reminder of our commitment to excellence and the continued pursuit of innovation.

    2022 SEDULOUS Jersey

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